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Through this training, you will receive comprehensive information about the current trend of the cryptocurrency market based on the international and personal experience of the trainer.

Mirza Maharramov

Local expert

He has made long-term and short-term investments in a number of cryptocurrencies and participated in crypto events on many exchanges.

Syllabus and information
Syllabus and information

Course information

12 Session

2 Sessions a week

24 Hours

8-10 Meeting Hours

About program

Through this training, you will receive extensive information about the current trend of the cryptocurrency market, based on international and personal experience of the trainer. You will get information on how to buy these cryptocurrencies, where to use them and how to earn passive income.

UNEC approved certification program

You will have all the modern digital marketing knowledge from zero to professional level.

24 hours of
practical training

The whole learning process, consisting of 9 topics, was designed using the "Listen - Learn - Apply" method

Mentoring for 2 months after training

We will be with you during the practical application of the learned knowledge

Course topics

1. Blockchain basics and networks

  1. What is a blockchain?
  2. Permissionless Blockchain network
  3. Exclusive system (Public Permissioned Blockchain)
  4. Private Permissioned Blockchain
  5. History, features and types of cryptocurrency

2. ERC20, TRC20, OMNI, Algorand currencies

  1. Currencies in the ERC2 network
  2. Currencies in the TRC20 network
  3. Currencies in the OMNI network
  4. Currencies in the Algorand network

3. Cryptocurrencies

  1. The concept of crypto
  2. The best cryptocurrencies and their prospects
  3. Registration and use of cryptocurrencies
  4. Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

4. NFT

  1. What is NFT?
  2. History of NFT
  3. Pros and cons of NFT
  4. Ways to earn money with NFT


  1. What is Metaverse?
  2. Metaverse platform features
  3. Metaverse tokens and predictions
  4. Meta and Reality

6. Staking

What is staking?

Staking benefits

7. Pre-sales

  1.  ICO, IPO, IDO 

8. Credit exchanges - deposits and trading

  1. Registration via computer and smartphone
  2. Use of purses
  3. Opening accounts
  4. Ways to raise funds for crypto accounts
  5. Ways to transfer funds in crypto accounts
  6. Listing on exchanges
  7. Cryptocurrency conversion solutions
  8. Security factors in crypto funds
  9.  Practical use and review

9. Graphic Analysis Forms and Practical Use

  1. Trends and patterns of change
  2. Double top and double bottom
  3. Head and shoulders (Head and Sholders)
  4. Continuation models
  5. Triangular shape
  6. Flag model
  7. Deceitful graphic models
  8. Practical use and review

Expert: Mirza Maharramov

He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Faculty of Political Management of the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and a master’s degree in business administration and organization from the Western Caspian University. He started his career in Marketing and PR at Medical Plaza and Lor Hospital in 2010. In 2015, he successfully completed the Code Academy educational center in the field of programming, and in 2016 he founded Arenda.az. He has been a co-founder of Proton.az since 2017 and has been the company’s director. In the summer of 2020, he founded RES GROUP. From 2020, e-commerce trainings have started. Companies such as Sobsan Boya, Imperial Ceramic, Nasha.ae, Mstore, Baktel Elektroniks, SuperToys, Lucky Office Support, Corporate Real Estate Solutions, Stampel and the Republic of Azerbaijan Implemented e-commerce consulting services for the development of web portals at the Ministry of Culture. To date, he has been closely involved in the development of electronic platforms and government projects of more than 50 private companies. Since 2017, he has been interested in the cryptocurrency market, which is a new area for that period, and as a result of research has made long-term and short-term investments in a number of cryptocurrencies, participated in crypto events on many exchanges.

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